[1.2.5] 2023-05-31

  • add metadata for an element - the metadata is searchable in the Gallery View
  • add support for environment variables in config file paths. Example: DASELEMENT_CONFIG_PATH:/mnt/$MY_PROJECT/.config/daselement.conf
  • new environment variable: DASELEMENT_LICENSE_TYPE - this starts a local license server if variable is set to 'local'. Will search for license files in: "~/.das-element/license"
  • new environment variable: DASELEMENT_HOOKS - specify location for Python hook files. This will be prioritized over hook files in the resources folder
  • new environment variable: DASELEMENT_ROOT that resolves to the location of the installed software version. Example: /resources/.das-element -> /opt/das-element-x.x.x/resources/.das-element
  • cli: new feature to recursively find all file(s) and sequences in a folder. By default it will search for file sequences. Flag options: --as_sequence/--as_single_files
  • cli: delete an element via the API - use the flags '--database' and '--disk' to delete either the files on disk and/or the databases entry
  • config files can be saved in the install location of the software under 'resources/.das-element'. It's the same structure as the users home directory (~/.das-element). Example: /opt/das-element-x.x.x/resources/.das-element
  • the text of warning messages is now selectable. Allows copy and paste of error messages
  • convert database: make text of previous database values copyable
  • personal collections that are software version specific can be saved under '/resources/.das-element/collections' - these files can not be created from within the UI. They need to be manually placed in this location if needed
  • changed uuid from UUID v4 to ULID (universally unique lexicographically sortable identifier). Newly generated UUID's are now lexicographically sortable which should also increase the speed for database-reads. The first 12 characters of the UUID are now the timestamp and not random anymore. The random part is now from character 13 until the end. Short uuid is the range from character 13 until 20. ULID is generated based on the UTC timestamp.
  • removed retries of render jobs - this caused duplication errors, especially on Windows
  • Gallery & Ingest view: ignore libraries with environment variable in the library path when the environment variable is not set
  • gallery view: left sidebar - sort categories alphabetically
  • remove timeout of 60 minutes for ingest tasks like processing the main element and proxy generation
  • change ffmpeg encoding preset for proxy movies from 'slower' to 'faster'
  • reduce logging output in debug mode
  • change ordering of libraries
  • changing the Transcoding Template name now also updates the Template Mappings
  • proxy generation for files with alpha channel - before it rendered an unpremultiplied result
  • file sequences with an uppercase file extensions failed to generate previews
  • ingest of multiple elements with a newly created category sometimes crashed
  • after changing a config switching to the ingest view crashed
  • Windows: drag&drop of sequences with folder notation
  • ingest view: fixed display of dropdowns at the bottom of the screen
  • ingest view: when elements were disregarded it showed error messages: 'No job id defined'
  • cli: updating a SQLite databases did not save changes
  • closing the 'delete element' dialog after an element is deleted
  • after ingesting elements sometimes were not showing up in the gallery view right away
  • loading databases from a future release in an older version failed in some cases
  • upgrade Python example scripts

[1.2.4] 2023-02-17

  • new predefined element attribute: <source.frame> - frame counter with original source frame padding as printf/percentage notation, e.g.: '%05d'
  • set the colorspace value for an element during ingest - Note: this is not the actual colorspace of the files on disk, it's a reference value in the database for the element
  • gallery & ingest view: text of element information is now selectable, e.g.: category name, colorspace, resolution (width/height), first frame, ...
  • gallery view - details view: text of element name can be selected and copied to the clipboard
  • gallery sidebar: loading wheel when library data is loading
  • library -> edit tags: add button to fix tags with WikiData ID. Some tags display the WikiData ID (Q3196) instead of the human readable label 'fire'
  • show percentages done of local copy tasks for file sequences
  • new environment variable to set number of days to keep temp files: DASELEMENT_TEMP_KEEP_DAYS (default: 14 days)
  • add tooltips for various buttons
  • add support for MKV movie files
  • add error-dialog if starting of caching server fails
  • add recent config file path - switch faster between different library configs
  • add feature to find all elements with missing proxy files (located in the collection dropdown)
  • improve notification when database needs to be upgraded - now displays messages what has been changed in the database schema
  • improve display of CLI license error
  • improve error message for job queue
  • ingest: improve progress for preview generation
  • settings: add button to open hierarchy file in explorer
  • api - ingest: set colorspace reference value for an element - does not effect the actual colorspace of the files on disk
  • change order for deleting elements - first delete files on disk and then in the database. This will raise an error if a file is blocked by another process
  • change log files to rotating log files. Maximum file size is now limited to 5 MB - two backup log files will be created
  • when a movie/sequence has less frames than the filmstrip frame length, it now use some grayish blue color instead of black for padding
  • improve loading speed for data from the database
  • gallery view - sidebar: fixed changing the Category of an element if the Category did not existing in the database yet
  • when loading of an EXR failed it now shows a 'broken-image' frame (black frame with red cross)
  • after changing the ingest view and back, the tags default back to the first library in the Library dropdown list
  • rename MySQL SSL option descriptions
  • for EXR sequences with a large file size per frame the ingest and proxy generation failed
  • improve error handling during creation of new library & database
  • MySQL/MariaDB: SSL connection
  • local API requests now all made to '', because 'localhost' sometimes had issues with resolving to IPv4
  • file sequences with a negativ frame counter did not work correctly
  • files with very specific date/time file naming did not work correctly. Example:
  • Windows: all file paths in the UI are now with back slashes '' - in the database everything is saved with forward slashes '/' even on Windows
  • remove trailing special characters from element name
  • bug - duplicated ingests: large and highres EXR sequences took a long time and caused a duplicated ingest of the same element - the first element didn't have any main file(s) or proxies
  • catch wrong config file paths
  • api: fix the update feature
  • library export: datetime format bug
  • remove unused variables 'create defaults' from library file
  • bugfix: gallery sidebar - clicking discard button did not reset changed values (GUI bug only - database was not affected)
  • improve startup speed of CLI version
  • gallery view: improve element preview - on fast mouse movements the overlay stayed active
  • if one library failed e.g. due to file read permission error, nothing did load at all
  • resources example scripts: fix timestamp calculation for movie files
  • fix example scripts for filmstrip image quality
  • ingest list: after deleting an list item there were some strange behaviour when adding new data, e.g. tags
  • ingest view: improve catching more error messages
  • ingest view: empty folders were spinning for ever
  • setting custom port for cache server did not work with environment variable

[1.2.3] 2022-11-18

  • add 'clear cache' button
  • add control for image quality for thumbnail and filmstrip transcoding tasks
  • new drag&drop notation: 'files' - get a list of all frame file paths of a sequence
  • gallery details view: show warning if the elements category is not defined in the category hierarchy tree
  • encrypt database password in the library settings file
  • bug fix: deletion of file sequences
  • library data sometimes got saved into the config file
  • ignore library if the current user doesn't have read permission on the library config file
  • lite version: fix settings page if library could not be loaded
  • MySQL: fixed missing 'cryptography' package
  • Windows: drag and drop of file paths

[1.2.2] 2022-11-07

  • hit 'escape key' to unselect all selected elements
  • library settings: add feature to edit/update library tags
  • add 'ding' sound whenever the ingest list progress reaches 100%
  • the library database can now be converter to a different database type. E.g. SQLite to PostgreSQL
  • add drag&drop sequence notation for Nuke. Example: '/some/path/file.####.exr 1001-1009'
  • order of libraries can now be changed - in 'settings -> library' drag them in the preferred order
  • show progress of the ingest list in the taskbar
  • show warning of unsaved changes before leaving the settings page
  • show dialog before leaving the ingest page when tasks are still active
  • gallery view: added sort order for elements (bottom right)
  • gallery view: add live check if high-res data is available on disk
  • gallery view: preserve User GUI state between sessions
  • element details view: show thumbnail and warning text if the proxy file for an element is missing
  • element details view: show if the elements main file(s) exists on disk
  • element details view: add button to show more information about the element
  • element details view: add color channels display
  • ingest view: multi-selection of list items with Shift+Click
  • ingest view: separate mutliple search by a commma
  • api: add option to render proxies for an element. The 'elements UUID' and 'template mapping name' need to be provided
  • element details view: re-organized layout - added button to show more information about an element
  • api: get-element-by-uuid no longer requires the library. This is now an optional flag '--library'. The element UUID will be check against all loaded libraries in the config file. This makes it much easier to get the element data
  • settings: select the first library by default
  • gallery view: move preview scale slider to the bottom right of the screen
  • gallery details view: redesign view - add extended info option
  • windows: upgrade Redis Server to version
  • improve message display
  • improve processing of the ingest list
  • improve error message for failed ingest jobs
  • improve error messages - less slashes in the message
  • improve custom command submission with file path containing space characters
  • display name for custom created hierarchy tree
  • in some cases the ingest progress percentage was over 100%
  • if the ingest for an element into the database failed, the following jobs did get blocked
  • show green dot if template mapping has an extra template assigned
  • preview failed for files with only one color channel - e.g. movie with only an alpha matte
  • ingest view: fixed blank page when a library was missing/broken
  • ingest view: preserve settings when changing the view
  • Windows: filmstrip creation with a large number of frames failed due to the Windows commandline limit of 8190 characters
  • Windows: setup witn an existing library failed to ingest
  • fix tag display for custom hierarchy tree in element details view
  • fix resolve error for re-rendering element proxies
  • fix timeout issues when the software was running for a long time. e.g overnight
  • fix correct creation time in the database for the current workstation. Before it was always the UTC time
  • fix hook files in the resources folder
  • fix ingest issue for users with an @ at-sign in the Users home directory. E.g.: /home/user@domain.local/tmp
  • fix ingest of transcoding mapping with extra templates
  • bug fix: transcoding template with noop tasks for the proxies did update the file paths in the database
  • bug fix: gallery view - elements stayed selected after updating the rating
  • bug fix: custom command including an escape for special characters, like a double quotation character

[1.2.1] 2022-08-26

  • create database for collections
  • show error message for invalid JSON file
  • settings: add button to delete all categories in the hierarchy tree
  • create new library dialog - database step (advanced view): add Checkbox to deactivate creation of default tags & categories in the database
  • global setting (filmstrip_frames) to change the number of frames used for the filmstrip preview in the gallery
  • remove force reload option from menu
  • show active element
  • fix creation of new category that is already defined in the hierarchy tree
  • fixed proxy generation for source path with uppercase file extension
  • fix display of select element and other overlay icons
  • api: bug fix - if no tags are defined it will no longer create a None tags
  • when the library root ended with a slash '/' the ingest failed
  • MacOS: Cmd+Q bug - when another application was in focus 'das element' closed
  • MacOS: show error message for broken license initialization
  • ingest of an element with a custom category failed
  • ingest view: creating new category and new tag at once did failed

[1.2.0] 2022-08-01

  • add splash screen
  • add API v1
  • add sphere player for HDR spheres: introduce new media type sphere - '.hdr' images are automatically set as 'sphere' elements - '.exr' files need to be changed manually if the content is a HDR sphere
  • add collections (personal & global)
  • add option to lock a library to prevent any data changes
  • add file to set environment variables. The file 'variables.env' needs to be places inside the users home directory like this: '~/.das-element/variables.env'
  • add default environment variable file
  • new search filter: add date-range filter to find elements ingested by date
  • gallery view: use shortcut 'ctrl + a' to select all elements on the current page
  • gallery view: added multi-select. Use 'ctrl+click' and 'shift+click' to select multiple elements
  • gallery view: added check-icon for selected elements
  • gallery view: if multiple elements are selected, all file paths get copied to the clipboard
  • double click to open project file
  • show number of workers & jobs in job-queue
  • show system usage (CPU & memory)
  • auto create environment variables files on software startup
  • ingest view: better visual feedback when the category is not
  • the 'config' step in the software setup screen now enforces correct config file naming. File path ending with '.conf'
  • ffmpeg transcoding task: add framerate option to be the same as the source framerate
  • improve display when multiple elements are selected
  • improve sort-order of results when searching for tags/categories
  • better visual feedback that tags can be input
  • new tags can now contain upper-case characters
  • removed the grouping for the Tag input picker. This fixes the sorting of the options when searching for a tag
  • category picker: auto focus the search, field to start typing right away
  • custom commands: if an argument contains a space-character it will be surrounded by quotes
  • lite version: remove 'import library'-button/functionality. The standard version should be used to control which libraries are loaded
  • improve save of custom hierarchy tree. Will now automatically save to the share-resources folder. The Environment variable DASELEMENT_RESOURCES needs to be defined for this
  • user with the Lite version can no longer un-link libraries
  • fix quotes string issue
  • fix missing library file during new library creation
  • fix error dialog for missing license server information
  • fix filmstrip preview for elements with space-character in the proxy file path
  • fix framerange when drag&drop with flame-notation for sequences
  • fix the transcoding copy-task checkbox for 'force use of source path'
  • fix copy of source file sequence after an element was already ingested
  • fix advanced text search with forward-/backslashes
  • fix number of elements on page after changing the preview scale
  • creation SQLite database failed when using the software for the very first time
  • gallery view: changing the drag&drop notation started playing all elements
  • gallery view: fix unwanted autoplay of image/movie previews
  • ingest list: fix button actions for multiple selected items (de/activate item, delete item, open already ingest item in explorer
  • ingest list: improve speed performance for many elements
  • ingest view: show green dot if advanced filters are applied
  • ingest view: default tags sometime also appeared as custom tags
  • ingest view: removing a tag sometimes deleted other tags as well
  • cli: fix warning about psycopg2-binary
  • macos: fix error message 'ZombieProcess is not JSON serializable'
  • linux: fix software startup. App install location is: /opt/das-element...
  • linux: fix AppImage for Linux

[1.1.5] 2022-05-16

  • add splash screen
  • information to the license server can now be put in a file called 'license.conf'. Place it in the users home directory ~/.das-element/license.conf - way easier for MacOS now to define the license server, no more environment variable needed
  • the drag&drop notation for file sequences can now be changed directly in the Gallery View. The default ('folder') can be overwritten by setting the environment variable: DASELEMENT_DND_NOTATION
  • add relative path double dots (..) to move one directory up in the path patterns. Very useful if you want to place the proxy folders beside the folder where the source file is located
  • error messages can now be paused and copied to the clipboard - simply click the warning
  • gallery view: add button to play all elements at once
  • gallery view: add loading wheel when loading category data
  • gallery details view: add save/discard-changes buttons in the edit mode]
  • ingest view: add warning for mismatch of the transcoding mapping
  • Linux/MacOS: add retries for failed ingest steps/jobs. Main job 2x retries and Proxies 3x retries
  • new default categories
  • set default timeout for render jobs from 30 to 60 minutes
  • ingest view: already elements get disabled by default
  • for the thumbnail/filmstrip generation the log level of FFmpeg is changed to 'error' to reduce the logging output
  • improve performance: much faster querying of data from the database
  • filter search is now case insensitive
  • gallery view: fixed the match-all filter result if only the category matches
  • gallery view: with multiple libraries, tags were sometimes missing in the category-tags filter field
  • gallery view: only elements that are selected (green box) get changed
  • gallery view: improve multi-edit behaviour for multiple elements
  • ingest view: only elements that are selected (blue box) get changed
  • ingest view: if the temp preview is disabled and the file failed to load it will now be added to the disregard-list. Before the spinning wheel was running for ever.
  • changing the config file failed to load databases correctly
  • for some movie files the frame rate could not be detected and it failed with the error: 'division by zero'
  • fix the order in which elements get ingested
  • fixed blank screen after clicking to re-render a transcoding template and re-selecting the same element after
  • hide actual password of database login in log files
  • improve connection errors to database
  • unwanted multi-select bug is now fixed
  • MacOS: fix ffmpeg proxy generation if source file has spaces in the file path or file name
  • Windows bug: fix copy of files with &(ampersand) in the file path

[1.1.4] 2022-03-14

  • add rating of elements. From 1-5 stars or unrated
  • add angle brackets (<>) around the value when clicking on a 'Predefined Element Attribute' to copy it to the clipboard
  • add support for project files. For example: Nuke ('.nk'), Natron ('ntp'), Krita ('kra'), various Adobe files ('.aep', '.ffx', '.ai', '.indd')
  • add unique ID for all Element. These UUIDs are globally unique across all libraries and databases
  • add shortened/truncated UUID for each element. Can be used in the path patterns
  • gallery view: advanced search now can search for element UUID
  • gallery view: set custom thumbnail by drag&drop new image on the elements detail view preview
  • settings: for the template mappings: added warning icon if template is missing
  • set thumbnail of an element by drag&drop some media on the Sidebar Preview
  • new predefined value: <default_first_frame> - can be used in custom commands
  • Postgres Database now supports SSL connection
  • improve display of active view
  • gallery view: reorganize filters. Moved Channel and Media Type into advanced view
  • allow any Database Table Name (DB Name). Removed the 'daselement_' prefix
  • For Debian Linux: no longer required the '--no-sandbox' flag to start the software
  • set default timeout to 15 minutes
  • improve timeout bug for proxy generation
  • improve handling of file sequence with just a single frame
  • some movie files had a wrong last frame due to some rounding error
  • use correct output of pre-export hook for 'export all elements'
  • wired preview files for HDR images
  • fix bug: calculation error - frame duration was one frame too long for image sequences
  • fix bug: converting movie file to file sequence did not take the correct frame range for the output sequence
  • fix bug: UTF8 encoding error for movie files
  • fix bug: preview generation of files with ampersand '&' in the file name
  • ingest view: loading of long file sequences took for ever
  • settings: fix custom command input field width
  • SQLite: fix creation and editing of database - should no longer run into 'locked database' errors
  • Windows: custom commands now have uniform backslashes for all file paths
  • Windows: improve copy speed of files

[1.1.3] 2022-01-21

  • bug fix: creation of thumbnails failed

[1.1.2] 2022-01-19

  • add support of PDF file
  • add support of HDR file
  • get a meaningful frame for the thumbnail. Choose default thumbnail frame for sequences & movie clips
  • added new categories to hierarchy tree
  • add Slider in the top menu to scale the elements previews in the Gallery view
  • gallery view: highlight the active filters
  • gallery view: add option to show element names in the Gallery View
  • settings: list order now changeable for Transcoding Templates
  • settings: list order now changeable for Path Patterns and Template Mappings
  • settings: change the order of Path Values list items
  • menu bar: add link to example scripts
  • improve error message if the file path definitions are missing the global settings
  • in the config creation dialog choose a preset instead of the 'blank setup' option
  • bug fix: the filter for the frames duration did not filter out single image files
  • fix example script for simple file copy
  • fix naming of Name field in the Settings->Category section

[1.1.1] 2021-11-21

  • new environment variable: DASELEMENT_DND_NOTATION - define the file sequence path notations for elements that are drag&dropped into another application
  • add examples scripts to submit Nuke jobs to AWS Deadline. You will find them here: '/resources/scripts/custom/examples/nuke'
  • add example Nuke scripts and Python files to use in the custom command as a transcoding task
  • add functionality to edit the color space value of an element in the database. This can be done in the edit mode in the Gallery Details View
  • add tooltip to display the values for 'exec' and 'params' of a custom command
  • add button to increase size of input fields for the custom command transcoding task
  • transcoding templates: improved display for settings of custom command and ffmpeg
  • for Linux the temporary files, e.g. temp-previews for the ingest view, will now be create in the users home directory temp folder: '~/tmp/das-element'
  • the path value 'source.path' is now formated as %d-string. Example: /some/path.%04d.exr
  • do not slugify the source path items, when resolving the path patterns
  • for Windows only: Ampersand characters in the custom command will be escaped automatically like this: & -> ^&
  • workers did not use the latest settings, e.g. if the transcoding task changed after the software has been started
  • do not slugify path values that start with 'path' or 'source'
  • ingest view: fix filmstrip preview scaling issue
  • path values for 'source.frame_first' and 'source.frame_last' was missing movie files and raised a resolve error
  • fix backslash bug: were all backslash get converted to forwardslash
  • fix bug for forward- and backslashes in the custom command
  • fix open in explorer bug for file sequences on MacOS
  • bug fix: wired multi-select of elements when the edit-mode was clicked in the Gallery Details View
  • bug fix for single image file paths for custom commands
  • bug fix: when the main transcoding task failed the progress did not reset to 100%

[1.1.0] 2021-11-01

  • the software now supports MacOS
  • add more examples for hook files
  • add new categories to hierarchy tree
  • add Ingest List CSV: Load the ingest list from a CSV file. This can be used to either import an existing library from some other software or to load the ingest list from some previous ingest. During each ingest all file paths, categories and tags are automatically saved to a CSV file and saved in a folder called: ingest_logs.
  • Add Template Mappings - create multiple combinations for transcoding templates for various ingest styles
  • add python hook to parse file paths before populating the ingest view. This can be used to parse the loaded file paths to automatically add tags and
  • add predefined values to get the directory path and filename for the different paths like main element, source, thumbnail, ... the category for file paths getting loaded into the ingest list
  • the custom transcoding tasks can now be limited for to specific operating system
  • the re-numbering of frame sequences can now be disabled. This also fixes the wrong frame duration bug for movie files and single images
  • make template mappings expandable
  • gallery view: edit or delete multiple elements at once. All selected elements will be modified when the edit mode is active
  • gallery view: custom drag&drop file path notation if the application Flame is running. Example: /some/files.[1001-1002].exr - otherwise the default behavior is to get the parent folder of a file sequence
  • gallery elements detail: add button to copy element path to clipboard
  • settings - library: added DateRangePicker to export all elements created in a specific date range
  • settings: export all elements of a library to a JSON file
  • settings: the transcoding task 'copy' can now be forced copy the source path
  • settings: add button to duplicate transcoding template
  • ingest view: added option to disable creation of temp previews & added option to load as a sequences or individual files
  • Slugify resolve path. Replace all whitespaces in an elements file path with '-' (dash). This does not effect the root path of a library
  • database: in the Element-table the Colum 'name' is no longer unique. The Colum 'id' is now unique. Multiple items with the same file name can be ingested
  • renamed settings key: 'template mapping' to 'template mappings'. Your settings file will automatically be updated
  • the post render hook now receives a list of all outputs from all transcoding steps items. Please adjust your files
  • remove predefined value: "" - please use "source.filename" instead
  • Windows: terminate all running processes when the application is closed
  • the Cacher Server occasionally kept running after application was closed
  • DB crash: could not create Feature database entry
  • better error message handling when Workers crash on Windows
  • ingest view: loading indication fix after dropping files or folders into the software
  • adding new path pattern did not show up in other path patterns dropdown menu
  • Gallery Detailview: clicking the edit-mode button sometimes to crashed
  • fix example render scripts for filmstrip and thumbnail
  • fix scaling issue of previews
  • fix crash when the path resolvers custom data has wrong data format
  • fix export library file bug
  • fix proxy generation with FFmpeg for file sequences
  • fixes for various ingest preview generation bugs
  • fixed some example farm script bugs
  • bug fix: library Path Pattern was sometimes not updating in the UI
  • bug fix: resolution for proxy movies

[1.0.4] 2021-09-08

  • get model from environment variable DASELEMENT_MODEL was not working
  • gallery view: select multiple items with CTRL + click. Blue is the active item in the details view. Green are all the select items
  • ingest view: added button to clear categories/tags for all active list items
  • ingest view: multi select items to change category/tags for all of them. (CTRL + Click to select items)
  • ingest view: add button to copy file paths of disregarded items to clipboard
  • ingest view: added colorbars to indicate a certain state of a list item. Like warnings or successful ingest
  • ingest view: the User can now stop running tasks with a stop-button in the upper right corner
  • ingest view: single rows can now be deleted
  • Users can now edit and save a custom category hierarchy tree. The file 'hierarchy.json' must be place at /mnt/server/shared_folder/das-element/hierarchy/hierarchy.json in order to be loaded
  • Users can now add/modify/delete synonyms for categories in the Category Hierarchy Manager in the settings
  • improve worker logging
  • do not use the misc (Q2302426) category anymore as a fallback
  • ingest view: the tags-dropdown was cut off for the item at the very bottom
  • Windows: forceful termination of running processes

[1.0.3] 2021-08-24

  • cli: unable to start software because of Redis ResponeError
  • OpenEXR: use the display windows resolution for previews
  • ingest: improve behaviour of clear list button
  • fix 'start_number' not found bug for proxy generation
  • added pre-render hook. Place a python file in the resources folder under scripts/hooks which will be executed before each transcoding task
  • added post-render hook for better render farm submission. You can now define the resource folder and place a "" in scripts/hooks which will be executed after each transcoding task
  • add examples for transcoding tasks for farm & deadline post render hook example

[1.0.2] 2021-08-17

  • more logging for the debug mode to the command line
  • ingest: show loading icon after adding elements to ingest list
  • windows: ingest view failed to create preview for movie files and sequences

[1.0.1] 2021-08-13

  • add support for Cineon files (.cin)
  • the software is now VFX Platform 2021 conform
  • ingest view: loading files without a file extension failed without a warning
  • fix thumbnail creation for files with lower resolution than the thumbnail size
  • center thumbnail image for previews
  • keep original pixel aspect ratio when rendering proxy movie with ffmpeg
  • bug fix: ingesting elements with the misc category failed

[1.0.0] 2021-08-01

  • official release of das element 🙂