[0.9.30] 2021-07-25

  • extended the search feature to search for category synonyms
  • ingest: for video files save frame rate to database
  • ingest: for video files show video codec and frame rate
  • gallery: change category of an element in the Elemente Details View. The files stay in the same location on disk but the database entry changes
  • add configuration file for Redis cache server
  • element: save colorspace value for elements. (Incompatible change! Old setups will no longer work. Please create a new database)
  • windows: changed default installation directory. All the software versions now get installed into a folder called "das element". This also fixes the wrong install directory bug if previous version where installed
  • bug: ingesting a sequence failed due to wrong framerange

[0.9.29] 2021-07-19

  • ingest: check for missing frames for file sequences
  • add Video Player for proxy movies
  • file sequences with missing frames can no longer be ingested. These broken sequence need to be fixed or disabled before the ingest can proceed
  • change default thumbnail size to 960x540
  • scrub-preview for sequences and movies
  • improve file copy speed
  • fix preview for sequences with missing frames
  • bugfix for creating SQLite database

[0.9.28] 2021-07-14

  • add more categories to Category Hierarchy Tree
  • add support for file formats: DPX, PSD, TX, SGI, RLA, CR2
  • loading wheel for buttons in elemente-delete dialog
  • added more tooltips for various Buttons
  • gallery: set filters when a category get selected from the Category Sidebar Navigation
  • gallery: add reset all filters button
  • gallery: show all elements on start
  • add welcome screen before creating a new configuration
  • change pixel aspect ratio calculation to three digits after decimal point
  • ingest: load files/folders button disabled when elements are being processed
  • fix preview for EXR sequences
  • improve Database connections
  • gallery sidebar navigation was not showing all categories
  • for Windows terminate old running processes of "das-server" and "das-worker"
  • falsely loaded all movie files with a sequence-like-naming, instead of only the selected one
  • removing tags from Tag Picker was broken
  • missing categories in the Category Hierarchy Sidebar
  • gallery filters: small UI improvments
  • bug fix: all tags get cleared if one item gets deleted
  • fixed getting tag recommandations for elements in ingest list

[0.9.27] 2021-06-30

  • ingest: improve auto tagging warning display
  • element details: show source path in edit mode
  • improved dialog styling: create library
  • full version number in installation folder name
  • improved dialog for creating of new setup
  • ingest: changing tags and categories for all list items now skips disabled items
  • ingest: once the category field is set it will not be changed anymore by the software
  • database: improve error messages