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Studio Bundle


Includes everything you need to get started! All licenses are floating licenses, so they can be shared between multiple artists

the Studio Bundle just got better - more licenses for less money

The bundle includes:
  • 3x standard version
  • 10x lite (for artists)
  • 1x CLI (including the API)



artist version

  • viewer license
  • search & find elements
  • load libraries
  • (requires at least one standard version)



standard version

  • ingest elements
  • auto tagging feature
  • manage libraries
  • pipeline configuration

API & Machine Learning


Command line version (CLI)
including the API - supporting Python 2 & 3
Ideal to integrate into your pipline/farm
and to run auto-tagging on elements
All prices are in Euro € and do not include possible state/local sales tax(es) or VAT tax.
As an EU business customer, you specify your VAT registration code in the order form.

Feature overview

das element lite das element das element cli
floating license
AI features
pipeline configuration
create libraries
load libraries
proxy generation

System Requirements

Operating systems Linux (Debian/Centos) / Windows10 & 11 / MacOS
Processor Apple M1, 64-bit Intel®, or AMD® multi-core processor
Intel 6th-Gen i5 or higher, AMD 3rd-Gen Ryzen 5 or higher
Memory 8 GB or more of RAM (16 GB recommended)
GPU currently no GPU support
Hard Drive 2 GB for installation (10+ GB recommended)
Screen Resolution 1920x1080 recommended
Pointing Device Two-button mouse
Unsupported Features das element performance is not guaranteed for below cases.

  • Apple iOS, iPad OS, tvOS, Android OS, Windows Mobile
  • das element does not support 32-bit OS. (e.g. Windows 7 32-bit)


What types of media are supported?
The software supports various media files: images, movie files, sequences of images, HDR images, 3d models and project files. All common image and movies file formats like: OpenEXR, DPX, TIFF, HDR, QuickTime (.mov) ...
For most of the media files a preview can automatically be created. If a format is not supported you always have the option to set a custom preview like a screenshot.

The 3D viewer currently supports the display of low-poly (aka. game ready) FBX and OBJ files.
For other likes like USD, Alembic, etc. you can use a custom thumbnail or turntable rendering.
What are the different versions?
das element - standard

The standard version is the software that helps you organize your digital media assets. You can configure your pipeline and render templates, create libraries and ingest files into your folder structure. The AI feature helps you with the tagging of elements.

das element - lite

The lite version is used by an artist to browse the library. Multiple libraries can be loaded. No creation of libraries, no ingest and no AI.
Getting only this lite version won't be very useful. You will at least need one standard version in order to setup a library

das element - cli

The CLI version is the command line software (no GUI) that returns a prediction of labels for a given media file. This can be used in a post render process to label a rendering.

Do you provide floating licenses?
Yes, there are only floating licenses available. They have proven to be the best fit to use in a production environment.
There are no node-locked licenses. That means you always have to setup a license server.
Is there an offline version?
Yes, das element is a complete offline application that can be used on-premises. No internet connection is required.
What is powering the auto tagging feature?
Most regular AI models can recognize cats and dogs. That is not very helpful for Visual Effects.

das element uses a handcrafed machine learning model that is specially trained on VFX elements.
For example, it recognizes a main category like smoke, but also the child categories e.g.: fume, wisp, steam ...

How well does the AI work?
The auto tagging feature will assist you with the labeling process of you media file. You still need to double check all the labels that the AI predicted for you. In some cases the result might seem like a bogus assumption for a human user and we can not guarantee you a perfect labeling of all elements. The number of categories however will constantly increase and the model will get better over time.
Do I always need to get the standard version?
Yes, the standard version is the core software that manages all the libraries, the pipeline configuration like naming convention and the proxy generation templates. You will use the standard software to ingest new elements into your library.
What can I do with the lite version?
The lite version should be used by your artists to browse the element libraries. Multiple libraries can be loaded.
If you however want to create a new library you need the standard version.
Can we deploy the AI feature on our render farm?
Yes, there is a standalone command line tool (cli) especially designed to be used on a renderfarm node.
This can be used in a post render process to label a rendering. The machine learning features are all running locally on your workstation.
Can I run the license server on a virtual machine?
Yes, you can run the license server on a VM (virtual machine)
Are there any educational licenses?
Yes, please contact for further information.

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